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submissions are being accepted for consideration
for Vol. 1, Issue 1, Summer 2000

NOTE: The title above is a "working title" for this journal. Suggestions for the official name are welcome.

Call for Papers!

   The newly-formed discussion e-group [tacticalrugby] hosted at is calling for the submission of articles and notes for its Inaugural Issue (vol. I, no. 1, Summer 2000) of a new quarterly e-journal (working title as above: "tactical rugby" but other titles are being considered and suggestions are welcome). The journal will be devoted to the same interests as the discussion group and its related web site namely: "the discussion, development, and dissemination of playing and coaching philosophies, overall and specific strategies, and proven and innovative tactics for the sport of rugby union football."

   We are primarily interested in new and original work which would include full-length articles (from 2000 to 10,000 words), short notes (fewer than 2000 words), position papers on any relevant subject, discussions of new strategies or tactics, and even presentations of specific tactics or ploys that might be indicated either by diagram or as animated .gif or other animated graphic formats. Previously published material is also submissible, provided that rights have reverted to or are still maintained by the author.

   We seek only first North American serial rights (or single reprint rights), with the added request that we be able to archive the submitted material after publication as part the accumulation of back issues of the e-journal. All other rights would be maintained by the author. We would require no clearances if you choose to republish elsewhere, but would simply request that material originally published in the e-journal be so indicated in other publications and, if republished in another internet publications, that a link be included. The addition of the following line would be requested:

"originally published in [LINK to and INCLUDE the eventual name of journal (when decided)], Vol #, No.#, Quarter Year"

   All submissions that reference other published material should adhere to the style sheet of the Modern Language Association [NOTE: The only variance that this journal will take with MLA style is the inclusion [in brackets] of the year of publication within the normal parenthetical citation. Example: (Doe 121 [1990]) would be an article or book published by John or Jane Doe and found on page 121 published in 1990.]. For a good online overview of MLA style consult the Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Laboratory) or do a search at a great search engine like Google.

   For the Inaugural Issue, we are especially interested in papers and articles that would present overall philosophies of the game; positional "job descriptions" and/or "mindsets" for the various back and forward positions; and specific plays/ploys from either scrum or lineout, although any material relevant to the description of the purposes of the journal as outlined above would be welcomed.

   Submit material to the Editor, Frank Coffman, as an attachment to e-mail as a file saved in one of the following methods [in order of preference]:

   There will be a "Letters to the Editor" section after the first issue (or in issue one if any are received), as well as regular editorials and columns and occasional "Position Papers" developed by the membership of the [tacticalrugby] e-group.

   Your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms will always be welcomed.

Yours in the interest of Better Rugby,


D. Franklin "Frank" Coffman, Jr. Editor