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The articles are arranged in chronological order by the digits of [year of first publication] [month] [day of the month]. This information is followed by the title; then the author's name, last name first; then a brief abstract of the article; and finally, some brief biographical data about the author.
     "Ploy Calling: A Simplified System"
     by Coffman, D. Franklin "Frank", Jr.
     An article first published in RUGBY, it describes a system for calling backline plays, numbering the backs, and calling ploys and moves between them. It also recommends the system described as a shorthand for scouting, as an inventive device for tacticians, and as a means of player visualization of moves/ploys by "instant pre-play."
     Frank Coffman was a five-time President of the Illinois RFU, Director-at-Large (1 term) and Executive Secretary (2 terms) of the Midwest RFU. As Midwest Coaching Coordinator, he also served on the National Coaching and Selection Committee and, briefly, as a member of the Midwest Selection Committee. He holds both the Preliminary and Secondary Coaching Awards, has coached the Illinois RFU Selects, and was Assistant Coach for the University of Illinois RFC in 1985 when they won the Midwest Collegiate Championship and went to the "Final Four" in Monterey using the ploy-calling system described in the article.