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Other Rugby Tactics and Coaching Sites

Rugby Coaching Notes
A site presented by Alan Hutchinson. A plethora of well-organized information.
Rugbycoach for coaching and playing drills tips moves
Sports Coach - Home page
Brian MacKenzie's General Sports Coaching pages.
Rugby League Coaching Magazine - Shamrock Books
Yes, League again, but some interesting stuff. In some ways, especially from set positions, the planned ploys of League are adaptable to the Union game.
Avoiding the Breakdown by Tim Frye
Bob Wood's Coaching Pages - Index
Rugby League stuff, but Union can borrow from League in some ways -- especially at set ploys, tap kick ploys, etc.
Barbarian FC
The home page of the Barbarians! Great philosophy stuff here -- and more!
Rugby Drills, Skills, General Information
Some good coaching stuff here -- well-organized.
Coaching Classics/Links to Articles on Training and Fitness Mostly
Rugby Coaching Pages
a few bits here are worth a look
Graham - Coach for Wales National Rugby Union Team
Yes indeed! Great material here!
A pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file" - Physical Conditioning for Rugby Football
Martins Rugby Coaching Archive
Some excellent stuff here!

Ultimate Rugby/Subscription Site

Ultimate Rugby
A site that offers a few "free drills" but which is basically a subscription site. Some good ideas here.
Free Drill from ULTIMATE RUGBY
Some neat stuff here! Nice use of .gif animations.
Free Tactic from ULTIMATE RUGBY
Another example of their animated presentations.

Major Rugby Sites/GENERAL

Welcome to SportsLine USA - Rugby Today News Portal - Gateway to the world of rugby online.
Rugby Heaven - Main Index
Rugby 365 - Front Cover
The Rugby Guide
The Rugby Europe Web Ring - Main Page
Links2Go: rugby
Links2Go search for RUGBY / Home Page

The Intl. Rugby Football Board / Misc.

The current Regulations upon the game as adopted by the International Rugby Football Board.
IRB Development
For the purpose of the strategist and tactician, the best area of the IRB site. The three coaching levels are detailed.
An archive of important events in the sport by year.
The official website of the International Rugby Board.

The Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game (from the IRB site)
A single document suitable for cut and paste into a word processor or savable as an html source file for reference or computer browsing.

Books, Films, Videos / books page
Rugby - Rugby Books Online

The Truly Bizarre

bsi-BOBLEN: UW-Rugby-tactics
Anyone for Underwater! Rugby?