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[tacticalrugby] Notes

   NOTES are defined herein as short papers or articles on the tactics, strategies, and playing and coaching philosophies of the game of Rugby Union Football. The differences between a note and an article are primarily length and focus. We define a note as a submission of fewer than 2000 words and an article as a submission of 2000 to 10,000. The note is usually more specific and almost certainly has a focus on a single and particular subject.
NOTES are indexed according to the following plan:     The NOTES themselves will be headed by the title and author, followed by the Note itself. A brief biographical information on the author with specific reference, of course, to involvement with the game of rugby will follow each Note.

000531/Coffman/Statistics & Scouting
   "Methods for Keeping Statistics and Scouting in Rugby Union"

000601/Coffman/Backline Attack
   "Backline Attack: Breaking the Weak Link"

000605/Coffman/Field Position Numbers & Play Flow Recording
   "A System for Field Position Numbering and Play Recording in Rugby Union"

000605/Coffman/Creative Player Positioning
   "Creative Player Positioning Tactics for Rugby Union"